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Welcome! Come explore amazing moments in the ocean as we swim with wild dolphins. View the many dolphin photographs from our wild dolphin swims and dolphin retreats in Hawaii. Listen to samples of Matish's uplifting, mystical love songs & healing music. Lift your spirits with Matish's inspirational poetry & mystical love poetry to the Beloved!
"Dolphin Heaven", the 3rd dolphin video in Matish's Dolphin DVD series, is now available!   Video sample coming soon!
One of our goals is to give 1,000 DVDs and music CDs to Hospice, childrens' hospitals, schools, etc.   イルカ写真

We hope you follow the links to music, poetry, wild dolphin photography and many surprises to uplift and inspire...
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Celebration of Being - An inspiring, inner journey with dolphin photos... (This is fun!)
Essence Alignments - Life-Changing, Potent Reminders!

Video excerpt (2nd preview) from the DVD, Dolphin Celebration!

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Dolphin Celebration! the DVD

Dolphin Celebration! 
Life Beneath the Surface: Highlighting dolphin-human interaction and underwater bubble rings (air rings). This is the 2nd video in Matisha's dolphin DVD series. Experience the joyful, dancing dolphin, closer and more playful than ever! Look into their eyes and hear the healing, ultra-sonic, cetacean song. Enter a realm few have witnessed and fewer understand.

The 2nd DVD in the series. This video highlights the dolphin-human connection. Look in their eyes and hear the ultra-sonic song of the dolphin. Also with whalesong and bubble ring beauty...

Order Dolphin Celebration! the DVD by Matish & the Dolphins
Dolphin Heaven! the DVD

Dolphin HeavenThe 3rd DVD in the series. The synchrony of dolphin dances & music creates a joyfully enrapturing experience of

The 3rd DVD in the series. The synchrony of dolphin dances & music creates a joyfully enrapturing experience of "being there"! So amazing you'll think special effects were used!

Excerpt of Dolphin Heaven, the DVD by Matish & the Dolphins
Musical Dolphin Celebrations
LIVE EVENTS with Matish, featuring the NEW dolphin DVD, "Dolphin Celebration! Life Beneath the Surface".
Ask about these inspiring experiences with Multimedia, Group Song & Humor!

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The Lord's Prayer translated from Aramaic into English: Prayers of the Cosmos

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Connection with Dolphins...

For as long as I remember, I have had a deep love for and attraction to dolphins. They have come to me in dreams since I was a very young child. I would climb on the back of a dolphin and be carried to distant places, realms where love, beauty and harmony radiated as rich color through the beings who lived there. Each morning, (after a night of adventures with the dolphins) I was taken Home by the same dolphin. I'd roll off the back of the dolphin, walk away from the water and wake up in my bed.

On looking back at the dolphin experiences I've had, their multidimensional nature comes to me, almost dream-like. What they have shared with me continues to return to me, becoming clearer and clearer. I have heard for a long time that dolphins are aware of how we feel. Something they let me know --on more than one occasion while swimming together-- was that they are aware when our consciousness shifts, our moods change, our minds expand, etc.

They find great joy in waking up sleeping parts of ourselves by swimming patterns and inviting us to swim those same patterns with them. They are aware of the subtle energy levels each moment. They live in that place. I now know they are "feeling with us," the accelerated frequencies running through our bodies, all that is opening, our altered states as they take us through the gates of expanded consciousness.

The dolphins are here for us all. It is a great joy for us to be with them and a great joy for them to be a part of our return Home...

If you haven't been in the ocean with wild dolphins, please read Dolphin Etiquette, which has valuable info. on "how to be" in the ocean when wild dolphins are present.
If you have been in the ocean with the dolphins please read and know we are open to any helpful suggestions. Thanks! Please remember, when we enter the ocean, we are entering their home. Dolphins, whales and marine mammals are protected under The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). In other words, it's best to let them come to you rather than follow or attempt to get close. It has been our experience for years that the dolphins come close to us quite often. Most often they swim away when people approach too close.

Thoughts 4 feeling...

If you want 5 times more energy than what you have use your breathing 5 times more than you've been used to using it.

Resisting life and love goes nowhere, and most of us have already been...nowhere.

We receive the answer through living the question.

Some think there are too many unanswered questions. What about all the unquestioned answers?

All content on SongofHome.com is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit, cultivating inspiration, having fun, encouraging care for our world, the life in it, ourselves and each other...in this ever-evolving Dance of Life...
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Matish & the SongofHome.com Team

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Video excerpt from the DVD: Dolphin Celebration!

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Events with Matish
Dolphins - Their Point of You

Listen to audio samples of Matish's music.
Complete audio poems by Matish music by Paul Armitage.

Reviews of Matish's music

Matish has two poetry books, The Beloved's Gaze and The Embrace, now on CD.
as well as a playfully poignant book, Accepted Healing for the Co-Dependent Light Being.

Listen to samples of The Embrace, Matish's poetry CD.

Many new poems appear on the poetry links page.
Another link to the poems is at the top of this page.

The Ecstatic Music of Matish is available through
New Leaf Distributing in Atlanta, GA and DeVorss & Co. Silenzio Music in Europe.
Stores & centers can order from these companies.

Titles include:Love All The Way, The Eyes of Home,
Now More Than Ever and his latest album,
Sacred Loving.
His poetry CD, The Embrace is available as well...(mentioned above).

Prayers by Matish   |   for Emotional Health & Clarity

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The Lord's Prayer translated from Aramaic into English: Prayers of the Cosmos

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Uplifting dolphin messages to assist people in integrating the changes taking place and entering/re-entering an empowered, connected state of awareness.
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