Messages Coming from/with the Dolphins

While it is no longer a question IF dolphins can communicate with humans and humans with dolphins... the questions many of us ask are more in the realm of "what" they are communicating, doing our best to notice the various ways they communicate and how we can be awake and present enough to grasp (even in part) the depth of what they are telling us.

Today, while with a pod of between 90 to 100 dolphins, I brought many friends from around the world (friends who have asked me to do this) into the experience by imagining they were with us. If you've asked me to do this in the past, you were definitely with us today, in spirit.

First, I asked about Jimmy Twyman and the Beloved Community coming to Hawaii for the 2003 Psychic Children's Conference... Over the years I have found that dolphins communicate with pictures/images. I beamed them images of friends, images of Jimmy and all those working for and with him and the conference in March. With each image I included a question for each individual and for all of us as a family. I later included all of "humanity" and remained open to receive their responses with all senses...

Huddle and Cuddle Dance
15 January, 2003
(This experience may take awhile to integrate.)

I had been with the dolphins for well over an hour, when I finally decided to swim back to shore and get the underwater camera. The pod numbered between 90 and 100. As I swam back out I was greeted by 13 Spinner dolphins. They stopped in front of me, about fifteen feet away (five meters). They all were floating in stillness, just under the surface of the water with their heads pointing upward.

I have never seen this behavior from so many dolphins all at once.

It looked as though they were in a huddle conversing about something (my interpretation). After about half a minute in this formation, all at once they slowly turned their heads down and swam toward me. Gently diving to about fifteen feet, they huddled close together occupying the smallest amount of space possible, rubbing against each other, singing, squeaking and squawking.
(I love that sound/song!)
After this sweet cuddle dance they came back to the surface and floated as before, with heads up and tails to the ocean floor. Then after a several seconds they dove down again huddling and rubbing together,
spiral-weaving in full-voice singing!

Sometimes the dance was slow and gentle, while other moments they raced around each other in a cluster, weaving in and out rapidly without touching. Each moment of the dance was very deliberate. They looked at me during each part of the dance and often we had eye contact while I was swimming spirals and gliding with them. They repeated this several times, with deliberate pauses in the dance... they performed postures and formations, all telling a story, an encouraging story, one that touches so very deeply. (Breathing fully...)

I floated on top, beholding all of this for awhile until the entire group came over to me and invited me to join them; I gently dove down and glided with them, ever so slowly, matching their spiraling undulations. We stayed in the same thirty foot depth for about fifteen minutes, which was very nice for me, as I had already swam well over a mile by then.

Completely surrounded by dolphins,
filled with presence!
Floating in the stillness
of the aquamarine, silky waters,
gliding, diving, caressing...
Spiral singing, swimming spirals...
they sing and I listen...
This heart sings in rhythm
with their graceful flight...

So beautiful to feel, to feel the space within the welcome of that embrace...
Timeless union, clear connection!

After a full day, here's an attempt at translating into "Human" and then into English, the dolphins' message today...

What we did is what we did. How we were is how we were.
What we have shown and imparted...that is of essence.
Remember, with all of you, Remember.

Today we have shown you a dance of life from the softest moments to stirring and passionate movements.
Notice how close these two words are:

In your meetings, come together in ways you have yet to come together.
So much you have carried with you and that has coloured your perceptions and in turn, your experiences. With all you feel, all you believe, all you may not want to believe, all you are looking at, all you have attempted to not look at, with all of your uncomfortableness, with all of your passion and deepest love...let it all be welcomed into your 'sacred spaces of gathering' for when you come Home, you come Home for each other.

Contemplate that please.
Come Home for all.

If you read these words as only words, you may miss what is being said here. For in sound, personality is presented, intention is revealed, clothed in word symbols. In silence, the silence living in the space within all that is, depth of presence and subtle nuances, multidimensionality unfolds a vastness which can only be lived and breathed...

We encourage...BE together.
To the depth you share, are you illumined.

That can be a question as well:
To the depth you share, are you illumined?

It only takes one in your group to hold presence and by holding sacred presence, the rest will entrain as they so allow themselves to be...

Are you ready to let someone be close to you? Who have you assigned to that role? What does it take for others to be close to you? In the ways that are true for you, be close to each other. The joy inside at seeing us is the same joy you know when you connect meaningfully with each other.
Be together...
You all are so deeply loving, and so deeply have you called for the fullness of that in your living.
Breathe "Yes!"

In gratitude, all are released and freed from being a/the reason you may not have lived fully. In gratitude, only you are responsible for your experience and have the power to BE, whether it be living life in ways that inspire you, doing what you love, giving something of meaning to others and the world, expressing yourself more or fully, letting someone know how you truly feel, or simply accepting you how you are. You are so love, able.
Dear loveable, loving ones

Aquashanti ~ DolphinEssence

Love's Presence flows through all places inside
where one is willing to make a sound, whether it be words or simply sounds.

Life becomes complicated when some people get your love and others don't.

Today I was (I almost said, "stunned") though, that word does not apply to the experience. It didn't take my breath away, it touched me in a way that brought it deeper. "Space" is an appropriate word to use to begin to touch upon what I witnessed, what I was given, shown, blessed with in being present with our Cetacean family this morning. You all were/are very much with me! Thank you for your loving presence!

With Deep Gratitude and Love,

BlesSings of Aloha!


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