~ Uplifting, Experiential Events & Celebrations with Matisha ~


Deeply moving experiences with spontaneous music,
prayerful songs, ecstatic poetry, humor, truth-telling expressions
through the outpouring of sacred song and playfulness. 
Dear friends, as we open and embrace with each breath,
a palpable union and greater love unfolds...music for the journey Home...

The invitation is for you to show up with all you feel,
be in the presence of uplifting music, loving people,
and allow grace of the moment to nurture the parts inside
that are so ready to live
a deeper presence of peace and joy, with loving family...

Joy and peacefulness, clarity of mind and a fullness of heart
are some common side effects experienced by people who attend these events...

The music that pours forth through this musician
spans the range of emotional textures,
from a most rarefied softness, to stirring heights of rapturous joy.
Together we all join voice and presence unfolding a blessed experience...

Each experience is uniquely its own...sometimes in a circle, we sing songs
with repeating choruses so everyone can join in.
They are songs with life-affirming lyrics.
If they were food, we might have a tendency to over-eat.
They are sweet, momentus and powerfully delicious declarations,
bridging the perceived chasm between what we have believed about ourselves
and the inherent presence of Love within, the truth of who we are.
Dancing, toning, opening our selves in a peaceful, loving environment to be
nurtured by the resonance of harmony and beauty that unfolds through all present
is one of the many gifts we receive in these inspired circles...

Sometimes we do Sufi Dancing, which is singing uplifting chants
and doing movements that match the words we are singing.
In this world where there can be so many different noises happening at once,
it's a gift to make the same sounds for awhile, with a group of people,
harmonizing sounds that call us to live our greatest joy,
spend more moments doing what we love
and be an active presence for love in this world...

Come join us for these memorable events!
Heartsong, healing circles, laughter, movement, poetry... 

Outrageousness and the sacred all together.
The presence we bring makes it happen!

If you are one who likes to have a special occasion be
the reason for coming together with others,
hopefully the fact that 'we are alive on the same planet at the same time'
is enough of an occasion for you to come and beam with us!

These events are for upliftment, unifying,
to activate conscious alignment with Divine Design, 
to awaken deeper to Love's tangible Presence in our lives, 
for dissolving any walls ready to fall and become bridges, 
for remembering the resonant power and crystalline presence
that unfolds through all of us, as we open
to the magnificent essence of beauty at our core.
It is a celebration, an activation of joyful, living purpose,
a meditation, a time for clarity, for sweet embrace, innocence,
for nurturing ourselves and being nurtured by life, 
to move us deeper into a life filled with blessings of a love
beyond this world  yet, very much what each heart has yearned for. 
This is a an experiential event, an Ecstatic Journey deeper Home...
Already held within a boundlessly loving Embrace, completely free, 
we come together to touch, to invite an evermore expansive,
"feeling experience" 
of Home.


* * *

During these times it is increasingly important to join with friends 
who are choosing to create a context of healing and freedom, 
cultivating the gifts of Spirit, which support us in living our true life path.

* * *

"Matisha's music moves me in a big way. 
His music pours forth from the depths of his heart 
and transforms any audience. Bask in it!" 
Alan Cohen, author: The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Joy Is My Compass, 
Dare To Be Yourself, A Deep Breath of Life and several others. 

* * *

"Matisha’s music has opened my heart many times. 
What his songs convey is always perfect for what I am experiencing at the time." 
Gary Zukav, author: The Seat of the Soul, The Dancing Wu Li Masters & Soul Stories. 

Through Ecstatic Journey Home
A Ministry for Love

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