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Vision Statement:

Ecstatic Journey Home is a Ministry formed to produce uplifting music, books and products to inspire humanity. To assist children in shining the pure and genuine presence they are. It exists to be an inspiration and assistance to people choosing to bring their dreams to fruition, in accordance with and through living God's Principles, the principles of love. It supports musicians, authors, speakers, entertainers, artists, individuals and groups with humanitarian visions, in presenting material, which offers people opportunities for greater experience and expression of love, aliveness, wellness, feelings of belonging, of family; bringing humanity into a deeper awareness of what is available for the betterment of all life.

One of the main focal points of Ecstatic Journey Home is to inspire people to live their dreams, their greatest joy, and implement practical ways of reaching and expressing their full potential, while serving and assisting others with the same. This Ministry is in existence to give and serve on a global scale, assisting many people in awakening to the joy of living in alignment with love and serving others.

Another aspect of service on which this Ministry is focussed, is giving CD’s and audio cassettes of healing, uplifting music to hospitals, Hospice centers, healing centers, schools and the like. Many people use Matisha’s music as a nurturing support and encouragement for loved ones who are healing from illness and accidents as well as those making their transition from this world. We are in the process of giving this music to healing places all over the world. Your offerings, assist us in achieving this. We greatly appreciate any contacts you may have for interested people and places.

We see animals, dolphins, whales, and all creatures of the sea, living in a healthy environment, where they are safe to thrive and live out full lives. By combining resources with other groups focussed on evolving interspecies communication for clearly loving motives, we become more effective in being a beneficial presence for all life in the sea and beyond.

Everything that Ecstatic Journey Home produces, serves to assist those who choose to expand their awareness and live a life centered in love. This presence of loving connectedness expands exponentially.


To express Love... To bring beauty into the world... To encourage conscious experience of unity...
To be a way for the joy, depth and Presence of The One Loving God in all to unfold throughout this world... Ecstatic Journey Home is a part of producing and promoting multimedia events celebrating life, love and union -- events which support people in integrating their feeling experience and living a life true to Essence.
Ecstatic Journey Home intends to highlight the amazing gift children are to this world and make available, their offerings through products, performances, multimedia presentations...
To bring to this world and people everywhere, music, books, greeting cards, entertainment, products that uplift, inspire, bring deep healing, feelings of connectedness, powerful, palpable love, assisting ones in experiencing a deep, constant alignment with Souce, Loving Essence, All That Is...

To increase human awareness of all animals, dolphins, whales, and other creatures in our oceans -- seeing that their Homes are safer and healthier places to live.
To evolve interspecies communication and relationships, highlighting the exchange that takes place, which benefits both humans and animals.

The products and efforts of Ecstatic Journey Home are focussed on expressing genuine presence, with the intention of supporting people in shifting any reference points for living, from ones of struggle or fear, to reference points of harmony, abundance, connection with The Divine and the inspiration that comes through that connection; to fulfill their most Divinely-guided functions on earth...living in accordance with God's Principles.

To touch the place of love
that awakens a dance of joy,
touching the hearts of many...

If you have ideas, suggestions, contacts, resources to share, or
are interested in assisting us in any way, please click the email link below.  
Thank you!

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