~ Unique Events with Matisha ~

...an angelic resonance that pierces the veils,
touching the very core of essence...
There is a bodily-felt-sense, an awareness and presence
many people have hoped to experience and embody
through doing workshops, classes, personal growth processes,
and prayer...this is the feeling experience, the resonant field
that unfolds during these events...
It all unfolds in an atmosphere of lightness and depth,
through 'all of us'...

Brightness 30 Contrast 10

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Musical Dolphin Experience
Ecstatic Group Song, Pod Dynamics & Humor!


2. Ecstatic Group Song & Humor! with Healing Pod
, PM

city, state

Love Offering

For Info

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3. Ecstatic Group Song & Humor!

4. Ecstatic Group Song & Humor!

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Ecstatic Group Song & Movement!  | The Ecstasy Breathing Experience!

This tour is a Benefit for providing uplifting music for Hospice,
hospitals, places of healing, schools, etc...   through Ecstatic Journey Home.

Listen to audio samples of Matisha's music.

Listen to audio samples of Matisha's poetry.

Matisha's music is available through New Leaf Distributing and DeVorss & Co. and Silenzio in Europe.
Stores and centers can purchase through these companies.

Order Online through Village Books

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Come and Behold the Beauty and Majesty
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An experience of a lifetime...
Ecstatic Dolphin & Whale Interactions!

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