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Matisha's music, Dolphin DVDs and poetry have been available Online and may still be.
The Crystal Room in Mount Shasta, California may have CDs & Dolphin DVDs. Phone 530-918-9108

Audio samples from Matisha's latest CD,
Sacred Loving

Opening in Prayer     Ancestors     Sacred Loving

Other song titles include:  
Ancestoria   |   Sacred Fire   |   Angel of Blessing   |   Dolphin Love

Audio samples from Matisha's first CD,
Love All The Way

Moon Goddess     Take Me Home     Be the Love

Other song titles include:  
You Are My Salvation   |   I Send Out In Light   |   Love All The Way   |   Silently Watching

Audio samples from his second CD,
The Eyes of Home

The Eyes of Home (The Dolphin Song)     Ishq Allah     I See Your Beauty

Other song titles include:  
When I Look In Your Eyes   |   Homeward Flight   |   Essence of My Prayer   |   Family of An

Audio samples from his 3rd album (on cassette only),
Now More Than Ever

Angel In Your Eyes     The Wave Song

Audio samples from Matisha's Poetry CD,
The Embrace

The Embrace   Page with Cover Art

This music is distributed by New Leaf Distributing in Atlanta, Georgia as well as DeVorss & Co.  Distributed by Silenzio Music in Europe. (
Stores and centers can order through these distributors. Having stores order this music helps make it available to others.

Matisha's music was available Online though,
The Crystal Room in Mount Shasta, California may have CDs. Phone: 530-918-9108

Thank you for your loving support and interest in the music...

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