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Sacred Loving - Matisha's 4th album

NEW! Sacred Loving - A memorable collection of moving songs with beautiful, full-sound orchestration and compelling production by talented composer, Bradfield, gorgeous female vocals by singer, Anael and the familiar, resonant depth and purity ever-present in Matisha’s music. From a rarified softness to stirring heights of joyful song, these pieces bring to life the aspiration of unconditional love. Teeming with presence, vocals that pierce the veils to a realm of Sacred Loving -- powerful, angelic voices soaring throughout a rich soundscape, uplifting the listener to heavenly heights...   Includes: Opening In Prayer, Ancestors, Bright Star - Bright Angel, Sacred Fire, and Dolphin Love.
Becoming a favorite of many!  
~ Recorded in Mount Shasta, California, Montreal, & Hawai’i ~ (Available on CD)

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Love All The Way - Uplifting songs of love and healing; rich tenor vocals accompanied by guitar and keyboards invite the listener into a realm of beauty and harmony. The powerful resonance, harmony and purity of Matisha's voice shines forth! Includes the widely requested songs: Moon Goddess, Take Me Home, and Be the Love. This inspiring collection of songs highlight Matisha's clear, resonant voice.   A favorite of many!  
~ Recorded in Sedona, Arizona ~
(Available on CD & Cassette)
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Love All The Way - Matisha's 1st album

The Eyes of Home - Matisha's 2nd album

The Eyes of Home - Powerful songs for opening, healing and union on the journey Home. Remarkable guest musicians on keyboards, flute, percussion and female vocals, along with the clear tones of Matisha's voice, blend together uniquely to create a moving soundscape out of which beautifully colored melodies pour forth, through a lush interweaving of amazing voices. Two spontaneously written, instrumental pieces -- one on the harp. Includes: The Dolphin Song, When I Look In Your Eyes, I See Your Beauty, & Ishq Allah.   Our Home in the Heart remembered.
~ Recorded in Mount Shasta, California ~
(Available on CD & Cassette)
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Now More Than Ever - A unique blend of beautiful songs with exquisite keyboard orchestrations. Matisha’s voice carries an angelic resonance, with penetrating clarity and profound depth. Through the "tones" in his voice, hearts open wide... Inspiring, uplifting, healing. Includes Angel in Your Eyes and The Wave Song, with female vocalist, Kathy Zavada.
~ Recorded in Mount Shasta, California ~
(Available on Cassette)
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Now More Than Ever - Matisha's 3rd album

The Embrace - Matisha's Poetry CD

The Embrace - A compelling collection of poems to the Beloved. Rich and moving keyboard accompaniment by Paul Armitage magnifies these potent gems on a journey into resonant union, a feeling journey through the depths to which soul feels, The Embrace of our humanness and our Divinity... Most who have heard this want it, for themselves, a friend or both.
~ Recorded in Mount Shasta, California ~
(Available on CD)
Audio Samples of Matisha's Poetry
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Many use these albums while driving, for massage and healing sessions...Read some of their comments.

Important Message: Please let us know if you work for, or are involved with a healing center, Hospice center, hospital, retirement home, school, etc., that has interest in using this music for their patients/students and making it available for their healing journey and listening pleasure. The music is available for FREE, for the above purpose, through the ministry of Ecstatic Journey Home.

Stores and centers can purchase through:
New Leaf Distributing and DeVorss & Co.

Also available Online or in person through
Village Books in Mount Shasta, California

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