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~ Light Song from A Deeper Sound ~

Matisha is a gifted singer/songwriter/humorist, who presents uplifting, experiential events including: The Musical Dolphin Experience, Ecstatic Group Song & Movement, Ecstasy Breathing, Dolphin Spiral Breathing, The Homecoming Experience. As an adventure guide in Hawaii and a marine life videographer/photographer "sharing the beauty" is one of Matisha's greatest joys. He introduces people to wild dolphins (through Wild Dolphin Swims), whales and other sea life as well as helps people connect to the ocean in deep and unique ways. He has assisted many in becoming better free divers. Sacred site tours, Land Journeys, retreats in Hawaii and other excursions are also included in what he offers.
Matisha is also an adventure guide and leads summer excursions in Mount Shasta, CA and Sedona, AZ. He is often called on to bring groups together in a dynamic synergy through group song, movement and humor.

Matisha has produced a series of Dolphin DVDs with our wild, free dolphin family in Hawaii. Other marine life is featured as well. Titles include: Dolphinfinity, Dolphin Celebration - Life Beneath the Surface, and Dolphin Heaven. These videos are very unique and deeply inspiring, unlike anything most people have seen. The DVDs are a celebration of the Deep Blue Sea and the life that lives within it. They raise awareness of this precious resource and these beautiful beings. A percentage of resources received goes to benefit dolphins, whales and marine life.

Matisha offers private Life Path Expansion Sessions which center on one's Soul Purpose and Divine Design, gaining clarity and presence with practical applications in life. The dolphins and whales have helped him develop some abilities that he uses during the sessions. Sessions have qualities of healing, relaxation, rejuvenation, fun, recharge, reclaiming presence and power, assisting in living life more intentionally and dynamically. For those choosing to deepen their awareness and effectiveness of what they are here for and for those who aren't yet aware of their purpose in being alive. It is an honor for him to assist people in returning to their essential selves...

Matisha has done bodywork for many years and taught massage in California. He has been a personal trainer and health consultant for many people, including celebrities.

The music and songs that flow through Matisha are compelling, deeply healing and charged with inspiration...his voice is nurturing and powerful, with an angelic quality, penetrating in its clarity. Matisha's events are deeply moving and life-changing for many. His music is used by authors, teachers, seminar leaders, and groups all over the world.

He has several musical CDs available, which are distributed by NEW LEAF Distributing in Atlanta, GA (America). Distributed by Silenzio (Europe).
Titles include: Love All The Way, The Eyes of Home, Now More Than Ever and Sacred Loving.

His songs call to the qualities in the soul of inspiration, healing and devotion. Many people have commented that his music dissolves any walls to feeling, providing an environment of complete, loving acceptance. Music of pure love and union, his songs set free the unspoken heart. Matisha's lively, charismatic presence and outrageous sense of humor is a bridge across any perceived gap between the sacred and having fun.

With a montage of unique, comical characters and parodies, these events are rich with unexpected spectacles from ones like Dolphinanda, a playfully loving Dolphin-human Beaming with a refreshing outlook on life. These characters from "The Silly Vortex" augment the joyful feelings of live events with Matisha... very playful, outrageous and witty! His presence brings a lightness, joy and sacred feeling to any event...

Matisha is the author of three books, the second two are poetry books entitled: The Beloved's Gaze and his third book, The Embrace, (on audio CD as well as in print). Both poetry books are available at Village Books Online and at Village Books in Mount Shasta, California. Matisha's music is also available at Village Books. His first book is entitled, Accepted Healing for the Co-Dependent Light Being, a playful work of aphorisms and essays on life, love, emotion, relationship, healing...

After an experiential event with Matisha, people go away feeling they were a part of something meaningful, uplifting, expansive and fun. Whether through participation or listening, those present receive very deeply. His songs inspire one's creative nature, igniting the ever-present spark of unique brilliance within.

We all have gifts. Matisha has a gift for bringing people together in a rich, dynamic tapestry of feelings. A powerful group resonance develops, which deepens throughout the experience. No matter how one might be feeling before attending one of his events, they will most likely leave feeling soothed, lighter, vibrantly alive, inspired! His songs carry a depth of purity, innocence, passion, a resonance of Home.

Many people use Matisha's music for workshops, retreats, weddings and ceremonies. His music receives air play on many radio stations across North America. He was part of a team that taught A Course In Miracles in San Quentin Prison.

Songs inspired by Spirit-Love songs to/from The Divine;
evoking a union, palpable in each note!

"Matisha's music moves me in a big way.
His music pours forth from the depths of his heart and transforms any audience. Bask in it!"
Alan Cohen, author: The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Joy Is My Compass,
Dare To Be Yourself, A Deep Breath of Life and several others.

"Matisha's music has opened my heart many times.
What his songs convey is always perfect for what I am experiencing at the time."
Gary Zukav, author: The Seat of the Soul, The Dancing Wu Li Masters and Soul Stories.

To inquire about Matisha singing at your event or for information on
the Ecstatic Dolphin Journeys & Retreats in Hawaii, please send email to address below.
Description of Matisha's albums

Many people use these albums for massage and healing some comments.
Listen to audio samples of Matisha's Music.
Listen to audio samples of Matisha's Poetry.

Please let us know if you work for, or are involved with a healing center, hospice center, hospital, retirement home, school, etc., that has interest in using this music for their patients/students and making it available for their listening pleasure. In certain instances the music is available for FREE, for the above purpose, through the ministry of Ecstatic Journey Home.

This music is available through New Leaf Distributing and DeVorss & Co. and Silenzio in Europe.
Stores and centers can purchase through these companies.
Also, you can obtain Matisha's music Online through Village Books

Mahalo for your interest and loving support!

For information, or to receive announcements of Matisha's events, E-mail us

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