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Paul Armitage,
Musician ~ Composer ~ Healer

Paul Armitage brings forth a unique gift of healing
through spontaneous expressions of deeply beautiful and inspiring music.

Sensitively attuning to your vibrations,
Paul becomes a channel for your one of a kind, original music,
creating a musical portrait that is
a keynote signature of your inner soul essence.

Communicated from the higher spheres of Sound and Light,
his music facilitates a gentle, yet profound shift in consciousness,
awakening you to a deep sense of connection to your inner Source,
reminding you of the magnificence and grandeur of your True Self.

Paulís musical portraits are spontaneously performed compositions.
They are very dynamic and harmonically rich.
He uses the latest digital, electronic musical equipment
creating a panorama of expansive, gorgeous sound tones.
Beautifully layered and orchestrated, each portrait
approaches the complexity of a composed, symphonic work,
yet, is smooth and elegant in its simplicity.

Available on CD or audio cassette.
Sessions are 45 minutes and are done in person or "remotely."
You do NOT need to be physically present.

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Contact: Paul Armitage
Phone: (604) 263-8374
Please E-mail Paul at:

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