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Oh This Music!

Oh this music in my soul
the sound of the far beyond singing
Love has touched us at the deepest core
and left us in the wake of all it is bringing

Captured heart, sings a song familiar to all
Timeless One, showers every blessing
Into the night, the Sun of our souls to shine
Given light, we touch in form--this sacred loving

The gift, gazing in eyes alive with wonder
holding a preciousness I so cherish
In our being together all is given...returning Home
Lifetimes of the journey revealed in each glance

I've been dreaming, caught up in a fantasy of you
while you have been beside me
I awaken in the midst of this, and one breath
fills me with fragrance of the sweetest embrace

It is not what most might think
Was it fantasy or memory so constantly and palpably holding me?
Joy rises from inside like color-filled fountains
Reunion with family from other lovely

Our humanness is the vessel for Spirit in this world,
as this lake holds the waters of life for all the living things
Our humanness is not the obstacle rather, the target,
the bridge between imagination and expression, feeling and being

Oh this music! The moment is here for us
to live what we know we came here for...

Matisha ~ 21 August, 2000
2000 Matisha

Poem by MatishaFeeling Grows into Being