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You Are Innocence

...all you discover about your mistaken
ways of living
give great reason to rejoice in gratitude
that the awareness is here.
When you discover something about
yourself which has been less than
loving, truthful, and genuine, it is
important to watch so you donít use
your perceptions against yourself;
the old, familiar ways of perceiving through
judgment and condemnation, coloring your experience.
It takes a new frame, one set in Love to
view yourself and life
through eyes of innocence.
So much assistance is available.
You may feel it in accordance with your willingness.
The changes are happening,
move with them and watch life respond.
Decide to use the power given you,
aligned with loving intent.
Be gentle with yourself.
You are innocence, dear one...

Matisha ~ 5 September, 1996
© 1996 Matisha

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