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Review of Sacred Loving in The New Times
November, 2000 - by David A. Young

"Sacred Loving, the fourth album by Matisha, comes across as a sung love letter in the most universal sense; even as its warm presence conveys a feeling of being loved to the listener, it addresses loved ones, one's lover, and The Beloved. In the process, it gives voice -- both through the music and through the words -- to the humble, grateful awe of one enraptured by one's very existence. Anael, a longtime favorite of these pages, blends her otherworldly haunting soprano with Matisha's smooth tenor to ecstatic effect on two cuts, and most of the album is produced by her partner, the Canadian genius Bradfield."

Review of Sacred Loving in New Age Retailer
November/December, 2000 - by Steve Ryals

"Matisha is a singer-songwriter who spends most of his time in sacred places such as Hawaii and Mount Shasta. He has an uncanny ability to take the divine energies available in these places and turn them into songs of joy and homecoming. Matisha has a deeply poetic heart, and he's a fan of the renowned Sufi poet Jallaludin Rumi. Matisha employs the mystic's words on the title track: "And your eyelash will write upon my face the poem that hasn't been thought of." Such exquisite phrases fill Sacred Loving with opportunities to "dive into the nectar pool for all lovers" and discover the divine beloved that lives in each of our hearts. This wonderful album is made even better with the addition of Anael and Bradfield. Anael's angelic voice graces "Opening in Prayer" and "Angel of Blessing," and Bradfield contributes his legendary production, compositional, and musical skills, adding keyboards, percussion, and bass to several tracks. Sacred Loving is sure to inspire as it soothes and brings joy wherever it's played."

Review of Sacred Loving in NAPRA ReView
November/December, 2000 - by TJE

"Recorded in Mt. Shasta, Montreal, and Hawai'i, Matisha's newest album conveys deepest sentiments with his own soothing, velvety vocals. Accompanied by female vocalist Anael on some tracks, Matisha uses rhythms and voice to portray a state of mind in harmony with all creation. Those familiar with Matisha's work will listen, nod, and say, "Ohhh, yeah!" The opening of "Angel of Blessing" draws listeners onto great wings of spirit through Anael's magical voice; then Matisha's rapturous words fly high above earth. Keyboards, guitar, percussion, bass, and synth blend to create an otherworldly encounter that somehow stays grounded and balanced."   -TJE

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