To Uplift, Inspire & Heal
Encouragement through Beauty...

Unique Dolphin & Oceanic-Theme DVDs,
photographs, posters, greeting cards, etc.

Two Dolphin DVDs are available now:
Dolphin Heaven!
Dolphin Celebration! Life Beneath the Surface

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Dolphin Heaven!:
The 3rd DVD in the series. The synchrony of dolphin dances & music creates a joyfully enrapturing experience of "being there"! So amazing you'll think special effects were used! Also includes sea turtles, manta rays, 40 foot, friendly whaleshark (up-close) and other sea life. These DVDs are quite different from each other.

Dolphin Celebration! Life Beneath the Surface:
Highlighting dolphin-human interaction and underwater bubble rings (air rings). This is the second video in Matisha's dolphin DVD series. Experience the joyful, dancing dolphin, closer and more playful than ever! Look into their eyes and hear the healing, ultra-sonic, cetacean song. Enter a realm few have witnessed and fewer understand. Enjoy this unique, and intimate view into the world of the wild dolphin... Also starring sea turtles, manta rays, a huge, friendly whaleshark and other marine life.

We are working on a series of DVDs, with both video and still images that take the viewer on a journey into themselves...out of themselves...into the breathing, deep, blue ocean...

We draw attention to these magnificent creatures of the sea to encourage humanity to preserve and protect their habitats and living legacy. In powerful ways nature reminds us of living in balance and cooperation.

To inspire and uplift people is our aim and goal. People who are inspired inspire others...

Thank you for your support! It assists us in giving "gifts" of DVDs and healing music to Hospice Centers, childrens' hospitals, schools, etc. as well as have it be available worldwide... Imagine these being available to a child with a life-challenging situation. Their spirit could use a lift. Beautiful images and amazing video of dolphins and humans playing together unfold...undersea dancing, the play of sunlight in the water, from the perspective of the sea creatures living beneath the other-worldly display of light and shadow.

We have a story to tell. It's title...Presence.
Presence! All perceived problems call for it. All challenges sharpen and hone it. How to be here, truly be here with another, with others...with oneself...with Presence? Look into the eyes that look on with loving. Perhaps a remembrance is stirred from deep within.

During these times what we focus on and give our attention to greatly effects our experience in the world and our interactions with others. May these offerings from be an encouragement for all to be true to the heart and live in such a way so as to evoke an authenticity of presence, an ever-deepening care and loving for the precious gift of Life...

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