We Breathe in accordance with how effective we choose to be...

It is an honor and great joy to offer these experiential events!
These events are moments for us to come together,
to nurture and celebrate the heart and soul of who we are beneath our stories.
It is simple...we breathe into and from the field dynamics of Loving Essence...

As we gather to embody and offer our genuine presence together,
sacred space unfolds, rich with the Presence of Love and the Grace of God...
This state has been called miracle-mindedness.
More than miracle or magic the dolphins show us
it has to do with Presence and conscious alignment with the Loving Source,
which brings about what humans call synchronicity.
We call it, Dolphinicity.

If something in you is calling for more
and it has to do with tangible experiences, these events are for you.
Lifting each other up is a way of life for the dolphins...

One of our goals is to give 1,000 DVDs and music CDs to Hospice, children's hospitals, schools, etc.
Thank you for your encouragement and loving support!

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