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Matisha's Ecstatic Dolphin Journeys - Homepage
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Bruce Harman - Visionary Artist
Amazing inspired art of dolphins, angels, beautiful beings, tropical scenes...
Bruce's piece called Rapture is featured here. Clicking on the picture will take you to his Homepage, where more of his work can be viewed.
To Bruce's Homepage
The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken
This site is a very generous and interesting invitation and exploration of space, astronomy...a fun way to expand the mind toward the seeming endlessness of the universe... Watch this inspiring and provocative video by Tony Darnell > Hubble Deep Field -URL: If you enjoy looking at the stars, you'll love this video!
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Sharon Callahan - Animal Intuitive
Animal Communication & Flower Essences
Sharon is another angel here in this world.
For those who love animals, this site offers a beautifully caring, experience...
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Musical Soul Portraits by Paul Armitage
I love Paul's music! He has an amazing ability to bring through spontaneous music that accentuates and compliments any moment. He has played for many well-known authors and speakers. His music gives the listener "worlds of room" in which to explore and move into a deeper peace in one's life situations, gaining a clarity in one's life direction.
Paul Armitage brings forth a unique gift of healing through spontaneous expressions of deeply beautiful and inspiring music. Sensitively attuning to the essence of who you are, Paul becomes a channel for your one of a kind, original music, creating a musical portrait that is a keynote signature of your inner soul essence.  Read about and listen to Paul's recordings.

Paul's Homepage
Anael and Bradfield - Anael is a gifted singer/songwriter. One of my favorite female vocalists in the world; her voice is angelic, intimate, familiar...
Bradfield is a musician/composer extraordinaire, graphic artist, web master, etc. His sensitivity is heard in compositions that accent the essence of any song. Some of my favorite music in the world is by Bradfield and Anael. Anael sings on my latest album, Sacred Loving and Bradfield does the production on several songs. Pure hearts with an uplifting inspiration, these musicians give listeners a beauty, depth and clarity of presence we are blessed to have in this world.
Apsis Music's Homepage
The Living Water Garden This is a remarkable site with an attainable, sustainable water-cleaning system which is set up in China.
Make sure you look at this page and how the water crystals change from the effects of prayers, music and thoughts.
Keepers of the Waters was founded on the premise that a public which has a deep understanding of the connection between water and life will not tolerate the continued degradation of water quality. Such an understanding can only be fostered through direct interaction with how water works. It is the difference between seeing a movie of a beating heart and holding one in your hand. To do this we have originated the concept of public living water parks or gardens where people can experience how water functions and is cleaned first hand. These parks are a unique combination of visible and accessible water treatment plants using natural systems, community based public art projects, environmental education centers, laboratories, and recreational opportunities.
Their vision:
To assist in making spaces in the urban environment that will permanently inform and communicate about water. We do that by bringing artists, scientists, government agencies, environmental groups and citizens together to initiate living water park projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources in visible, educational, recreational and culturally connected ways. These projects ideally transform local infrastructures to be entirely sustainable.
Homepage of
AHEART Acoustic Health Energy And Relaxation Tones
by Brain/Mind Resaerch.
Space Sounds - NASA Space Prob Recordings.   Some interesting and amazing sounds from outerspace.   To me, some of it sounds like the "inner sound current" or "audible life stream."   On this site there are sample recordings of the planets in our Solar System, including a recording of earth.   Click on the "Space Sounds" link and follow to the Download Page, where you can listen Online or download free samples (WAV files) to your computer.   They also have other recordings and things of interest.

AHEART's Homepage
Marine Mammals & Sea Creatures like a healthy home where they can thrive...
Natural Resources Defense Council's site has information on the Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS) that the U.S. Navy has been testing. They have information on other environmental issues and ways we can make a difference. There is evidence that the sonar system is a threat to marine animals. Here you can educate yourself as to what is happening. Click here to go right to a Letter and form on their site that you can email to your Congressperson or Representative. The Navy has received approval to blast the world's oceans -- and the whales, dolphins, and other marine life that live in them -- with dangerous sonar. We are encouraged to tell Congress to withhold funds for this reckless new technology. There are related links as well. Notice the ACT NOW link on their Homepage. Clicking on that link will take you to a page with important information on how you can make a difference. Thank you for assisting these lovely creatures whose voice can be heard through us... Once you're on their homepage, a short video will play. Please click the link below the little video screen that reads: "Watch the Full Movie". Are you aware of what has already happened to hundreds of marine animals? This video is an education!
Natural Resources Defense Council - Homepage
Georg Hans Leiendecker
One of my favorite visionary artists. Beautiful images of Christ, angels, fairies and well, have a look. I encourage you to have him send you his catalogue, which has many more pitures in it, that don't appear on his site.
Georg Hans Leiendecker's visionary art
Jasmuheen's Cosmic Internet Academy
A delightful and radiantly inspired guide, motivator, friend.
Jasmuheen's presence is passionate, fresh and caring. Full of inspiration and empowerment to be fully alive... Her site is rich with uplifting messages and keys to living in the fullness of being.
Jasmuheen's Homepage
Link to Erik Berglund   Every summer since 1990, we have held a Mount Shasta Retreat at a beautiful hotsprings, mountain retreat center.  So far, anywhere from fifty to seventy-five delightful souls come together from all over the world to recharge, enjoy each other's company, sing, dance, open, deepen our connection to spirit and the earth, give thanks and be at Home in this gorgeous high valley setting.  It is a summer highlight of my year.  On Erik's site, there is the pertinent information about the retreat and enrollment for those interested.
Erik's Homepage
Michael Hammer/Yahoel is an international recording artist with many albums which are deeply peaceful, meditative and conducive to consciousness expansion. Angelic music on synthesizers. Radiance, an early album is one of my favorites.
Michael Hammer
EarthSound Experience
Brightly talented musician, Kailash, a singer/songwriter, who plays didjeridoo and native flutes, offers the "EarthSound Experience," an inner, musical journey of sound. He has several albums featuring the various instruments he plays with masterful ease...
Kailash's Homepage
Jean Luc Bozzoli is an amazing visionary artist...Dolphins, inner worlds of light and color, sacred geometry... Computer Animation video: MERKABAH: VOYAGE OF A STARSEED.   Jean Luc made this video for James Hurtak, author: The Keys of Enoch. There is a sample of the video on Jean Luc's site. The animation he has done is phenomenal.
Jean Luc's EyeWithin Studios Homepage & Michele Gold is an award-winning illustrator/fine artist/author. Her book, Angels of the Sea, is a full color coffee-table book of 50 exquisite images of dolphins. (Presently out-of-print.) The NEW book that Michele illustrated is now available: Samantha, A Story of Friendship. Her work is very pleasantly unique.
Aside from all that, she is one of the funniest people I know.
new site
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Great site with the latest information on dolphins, whales and marine life and what we all can do to assure the ocean remains as a healthy, flourishing environment. These are the people who have helped keep the oceans safe and called for regulations when it comes to Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS) emplored by the Navy. There have been whale and dolphin strandings/beachings during and after tests of LFAS. The NRDC are involved with education and pro-active solutions regarding the environments of the world...
message here
Village Books in Mount Shasta, California
A wonderful bookstore in Mount Shasta...comfortable atmosphere with friendly, helpful people...
They serve warm drinks and snacks.
Obtain Matisha's music through Village Books
Village Books in Mount Shasta, CA carries Matisha's music - available Online.
Grace Unlimited
Dedicated to Oneness & Grace...
Grace's Homepage
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