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Everyone In Love

Whenever you meet one for whom you have a deep love
the Beloved is alive in your experience!
Cherish them in your words and actions
They can only be cherished in these ways
when they are cherished in your thoughts.

Whenever you feel challenged or meet an inner pain
through knowing this beloved one
have Gratitude in your breathing
for Gratitude will be both your mast and directional beacon
on a journey you have yet to imagine.

When this beloved speaks their heart to you
be the place that celebrates a most precious union
for which this one reaches to find words for moments
that render them silent amidst the song you are in their soul.

If you think this is simply poetry, love may not have taken you as yet.
If you don't believe and let it be known you don't believe
the words of this beloved's heart,
more damage can come than you may know.
If within you, you know not a place for such a loving to land
reach into the dream you might think you're in
and pull yourself out of that positionality you thought was comfortable
yet, in truth only familiar.
How? Remember and realign with your deeper vow.

Not believing Love's outpouring through this beloved
can be like flipping a switch off for this one,
especially if they are a poet.

Everyone...everyone in love is a poet...

Matisha ~ 7 January, 2007
2006 Matisha

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