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Immediate Action Priority! #1   (November, 2006)

Dolphin-Human Interaction >Freedom to be with Dolphins is being challenged

If you love dolphins and want to continue to have the freedom to be with them, please read on and send letters immediately. Share with all your friends...Thank you!

Hello Everyone,

The National Marine Fisheries Services, (NMFS) a federal office under the Dept. of Commerce, and their sub-division, NOAA, is preparing regulations that will make it ILLEGAL for humans to be with free ocean swimming Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. That is unless YOU say something about it.

NOAA is currently accepting letters and emails to their special box for the “Scoping Period” of this process. All letters and emails must be received by 24 November, 2006. ANYONE can write and SEND letters, from anywhere in the world. Please pass this on to your friends, email lists amd groups by copying and pasting the "text of the email" ONLY, (minus any email addresses). Please DON'T click the Forward button to pass it on, which sends out email address (visible to all) of whomever sent it to you.

Their current position as stated, is to treat the Spinner dolphins as an endangered species that will require a total separation from humans of a least 50 yards. If we say nothing, they assume that no one really cares if human-dolphin contact in the open ocean is OUTLAWED or not. We MUST say otherwise if we are to retain the right to do so without threat of fine or imprisonment. We have until 24 NOVEMBER, 2006 to submit LETTERS and/or emails to the following:

And/or send letter to:
Chris E. Yates,
Pacific Islands Regional Office,
1601 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1110,
Honolulu, HI 96814

Please send actual LETTERS. They have a more powerful effect. In the letter you may simply state that you are in favor of sustaining Human-Dolphin contact with Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins along with publicized guidelines for the safe and healthy interaction for both dolphins and humans. You may also suggest that complete EIS (Environmental Impact (Statement) evidence that actually proves a rise in mortality rates should be done before any regulations can be made. You may write more than one letter, as each stamped envelope counts as at least 10 votes in government terms. I've heard it said that one actual letter counts for 100 votes.

ANYONE can write and SEND letters, from anywhere in the world. If you love dolphins and want to have the freedom to swim in the ocean when they are around, NOW is the time to write and send letters and emails to the above addresses. You can send as many letters as you want. Please make sure others know this. Letters must be received by 24 November, 2006.

Lanny Sinkin, the “Whale Attorney,” suggested to some of us in a recent meeting, that if we show a “united front” of hundreds and thousands of people in favor of human-dolphin interaction here in Hawaii to NOAA, they will take note in this evaluation stage. This is the most important time to get your message to them or face enforceable regulation very soon! Let's not let that happen!! You don't need to be from Hawaii to send a letter or email. And have everyone on your mailing lists do the same.

If you have a personal story of your positive interaction with the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, a brief description would be highly affective. But, even a few lines on a page with your name and address will be verification enough to make the point to NOAA.

We will be doing more to organize an effort to save our right to be with the Spinners and any comments or contributions you wish to make will be well received. I will keep you posted as things develop.

This is our opportunity to unite in our belief that human-cetacean contact is of value and should be continued. We all have our personal reasons for this belief, but we can all agree it is meaningful and even important to maintain.

Thanks for your attention in the important matter. Do it TODAY!

Be Well and Swim Free,

~~ Aloha ~~

Capt. Douglas "Dolphinus" Webster www.cetacean-nation.com
(The above letter is an edited version of the original sent out by Capt. Douglas.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . END Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The mere testing of high-intensity Navy sonar in mid-frequency range caused a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas. Whales from at least three different species died, their inner ears bleeding from the explosive power of the sonar signal. Please help these beautiful allies to humans by reading on and taking action. Thank you!

Note the "Dates" on the alerts below. Even if it's not a recent alert, there is valuable information along with links that lead to updated information and other sites...

Immediate Action Priority! #1   (June, 2004)
Threat to Marine Mammal Protection Act!
New Amendments in the House of Representatives
Will Harm Whales, Dolphins and Seals!

Posted June 8, 2004 by International Marine Mammal Project

Earth Island Institute and a coalition of organizations working to protect marine mammals are opposing a new set of amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). The MMPA is the most important U.S. law for the protection of whales, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals in the world, but it is now threatened as never before. New amendments proposed for consideration by the full U.S. House of Representatives would:

a.. Reaffirm amendments approved last year during budget hearings that exempt the U.S. Navy from major provisions of the MMPA, which will lead to renewed use of underwater active sonars, underwater explosions, and ship-strikes that kill marine mammals without any mitigation;

b.. Allow major industries such offshore oil companies to also benefit from some of these same military exemptions; and

c.. Throw out the overall MMPA goal of zero mortality for marine mammals and substitute financial feasibility for reduced killing of marine mammals.

These amendments would set back thirty years of
progressive protection efforts for marine mammals!

What You Can Do!

Please send a letter, or a fax, or call the following members of the House of Representatives. Tell them you OPPOSE the proposed amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act and that you want the House to drop consideration of these new, weakening amendments, proposed by the Resources Committee.

Representative J. Dennis Hastert
Speaker of the House
U.S. House of Representatives

Room 235 CHOB,
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-0600 (phone) * (202) 225-0967 (fax)

Representative Wayne Gilchrest, Chairman
House Fisheries, Conservation, Wildlife, and Oceans Subcommittee
U.S. House of Representatives
Room 2245 RHOB,
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5311 (phone) * (202) 225-0254 (fax)

Your Own Representative: Representative _______________
House Office Building,
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 224-3121 (Capitol Switchboard --Ask to be connected to your Representative)

Immediate Action Priority! #1   (August, 2003)

Hundreds of captured dolphins being held in small pens in the Solomon Islands...At least 30 dolphins shipped overseas to Mexico, some died. Japan expressed interest...
Please Read to find out what you can do.

June, 2003 Immediate Attention!
Defend Cetaceans Against LFAS - 30 June, 2003 Court Date!

Make an Emergency Contribution: http://www.nrdc.org/joinGive/join/lfa2.asp
Read 11 July, 2003 LFAS Court Case Article at - http://www.songofhome.com/NRDC-CourtCase_LFAS.htm

April, 2003 Please read:
Click Here for latest - Your active help!

Action Priority! #1

Read below or click here
http://www.nrdc.org/joinGive/join/lfa2.asp to make an emergency contribution to NRDC to help stop LFAS blasting in potentially 75% of the world's oceans. Please check their website: www.NRDC.org for the most updated info. on LFA Sonar.

Another Dolphin Alert! in Japan:
Action Priority #1

Dearest friends,
An urgent appeal from Ted Danson!
"The reports from Taiji and Futo, Japan are absolutely terrifying. Over the next five months the fishermen will kill more than one-thousand dolphins, pilot whales and other cetaceans. Unless we take immediate action, the killings will continue. The lives of thousands of dolphins are at stake."
Please take action:

Whaling Alert! - Click here to Help stop whaling

Alert! - Dolphin-Human Contact threatened
'Dolphin Safe' information here.

Summer, 2002
The Navy has begun testing the Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS), Again!

Many marine animals have beached themselves, as well as other marine life. Please read and help!

Through the sites below you can help these beautiful creatures. Please pass this on.

Your Action is Needed to Stop Low Frequency Sonar (LFS)

Late October, 2002
The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is facing an imminent legal and financial deadline in a case of extraordinary importance. Because you've done so much to help us protect wildlands and wildlife I thought you'd want to know about this critical situation.

Just days from now, NRDC attorneys will appear in U.S. Federal Court and seek to stop the U.S. Navy from operating a new and extremely dangerous sonar system that would blast hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean habitat with noise so intense it can maim, deafen or even kill whales at close range.

NRDC is racing to court because the Bush administration has just given its approval for the Navy to begin deploying this Low Frequency Active (LFA) sonar system across 75 percent of the world's oceans. Even worse, the Navy intends to begin operations of this frightening new technology as early as November 1, 2002!

We need your immediate help. Please go to http://www.nrdc.org/joinGive/join/lfa2.asp right now to make an online emergency contribution that will help us fight this critical legal battle.
Webmaster NOTE: As of November, 2002 there has been a temporary ban on LFS so, apparently for now, the technology will not be used. The NRDC is working on stopping LFS permanently. Please check their site for the most updated info. on that.

Marine scientists are warning that this sonar system may threaten the very survival of entire populations of whales, some already teetering on the brink of extinction.

As opposed to traditional "passive" sonar, which locates submarines by listening for sound in the water, the new "active" sonar uses underwater loudspeakers to blast the ocean with an effective noise level of 235 decibels and then waits for a response. At close range, the shock waves are so intense they can destroy whales' eardrums, cause their lungs to hemorrhage, and even kill. Further from the source, LFA noise still can result in permanent hearing loss in marine mammals after a single transmission, and cause whales to swerve from their migration paths.

The dangers are hardly theoretical.

Two years ago, the mere testing of high-intensity Navy sonar in mid-frequency range caused a mass stranding of whales in the Bahamas. Whales from at least three different species died, their inner ears bleeding from the explosive power of the sonar signal.

Does the Navy have the right to conduct a giant uncontrolled experiment on our oceans and every living creature in them?

The Bush administration seems to think so. It has issued a permit that exempts the Navy from having to obey the Marine Mammal Protection Act, in effect giving the military a blank check to harass and injure whales and dolphins at will.

We think that's unconscionable and illegal. But we must have your immediate help if we are to prevail in court. We urgently need to raise significant new funds in order to cover litigation expenses and stop the imminent deployment of deadly, noise-producing sonar.

Again, I urge you to help by going to

right now and making an online emergency contribution.

Please join us in stopping the U.S. Navy before it unleashes this technological menace on the world's oceans. With your help, we can make sure that no more whales have to suffer and die from high-power sonar. Thank you.


John H. Adams
President =====

BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council


On 16 July, 2002 the US Navy got permission to go ahead with tests for using low frequency sonar in our oceans. The tests have begun. The high-powered submarine detection system will operate at noise levels billions of times more intense than those known to disturb the migration and communication of large whales. It has been known by scientists and the US Navy as well, that these tests injure marine life, including causing internal hemorrhaging.

On Saturday, 60 false killer whales beached themselves off Australia. Yesterday it was reported that hundreds of Giant squid had beached themselves along the Californian coastline along with unusual numbers of (harmless) leopard sharks coming in close to shore, disorientated. Twelve manatees have also been reported to have died on the Florida coast. Today it is reported that another 60 pilot whales have beached themselves off Cape Cod.

All of this within a week of the Navy's go ahead to use this low frequency sonar... Coincidence? I don't think so. The sonar is equivalent in decibels to standing next to a rocket being launched. It causes brain hemorrhaging & disorientation to cetaceans and other marine life. There are innumerable accounts of how dolphins and whales have helped us in life threatening situations...Now it is time for us to help them.

I was in the ocean in Hawai'i during the weeks the Navy tested the LFAS in 1998. The dolphins huddled up close to each other as though they were attempting to create a safety/protection zone and did NOT interact with us as they usually do. It was painful to observe their erratic behavior. Friends observed a baby whale breach over 60 times in about 15 minutes. The infant whale was in distress, as it had gotten separated from its mother.

Environmentalists note that within hours after the Navy deployed a powerful mid-range sonar during a submarine detection exercise near the Bahamas in 2000, at least 16 whales and 2 dolphins beached themselves. Scientists found hemorrhaging around the brain and ear bones -- injuries consistent with exposure to extremely loud sounds. Eight whales died. I hope you alert your email list and post it on your site or ask a friend to. Thank you!

What can we do?

Three very important, simple and quick actions are a good start

1. Register your opinion on a petition at the following site> http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/129527570 Takes 3 minutes or less.

2. Send a letter (already written for you, although you may amend it as you like) to Hon. Gordon R. England, Secretary of the Navy at the following site> http://www.nrdcaction.org/index.asp?step=2&item=1291 You do NOT need to be a member of NRDC to send this letter. It takes 3 minutes or less.

3. PLEASE Read the Excellent Action Guidelines below [from Seaflow] and take whatever action you are called to do. > http://www.seaflow.org/pages/takeaction.html

For a more information, a list of other things you/we can do, along with letters you can send, addresses and contact info. for appropriate political figures, go to:

At some point this page may Not be a "PopUp" window, at which point it can be accessed from the Homepage (Help the dolphins...) or Site-MenuPage at http://www.SongofHome.com/Site-MenuPage.htm The Internet address for this page is: http://www.SongofHome.com/popup.htm

Be the Love in action, you want to see, feel and experience...
Please pass this on! Thank you!

Whaling Information!

16 May, 2002
Friends! There has been a meeting in Japan to discuss legalizing whaling. Please click on the Whaling Alert! Link above. Once you're on the No-Whaling page, you'll see you can send a letter from Online. Thank you!

Dolphin-Human Contact threatened:

Did you know that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is talking about outlawing swimming near wild dolphins or even having the 'intention' of swimming with wild dolphins? They are talking about enforcing this 'law' with stiff fines? The 'public comment' period is being EXTENDED, with 'NO current deadline.' This is good news! Click on SongofHome.com/LAW.htm to see 'Sample Letters' you can print and mail. Please write in and express your feelings about the importance of humans and dolphins being able to have appropriate contact. Suggesting intelligent 'alternatives' to regulations and fines is helpful. The proposed law is 'partially' due to insensitivity toward dolphins on the part of humans.

It is also important to voice our disapproval of the behavior of a few humans for whom money has spoken louder than a basic caring for some creatures, (dolphins) who have for millenniums, been close kindred spirits and helpful allies to humans.

In many cases, those saying dolphins need to be protected from humans wanting to swim with them, have left out the 'details' in a few isolated incidences where humans have harmed or been harmed by dolphins. These people have used these incidences as an 'excuse' for wanting to 'control' human/dolphin contact, proporting to 'protect' the dolphins. It's like a bad joke because these same people sanction up to 100,000 dolphins to be killed per year ('who' is really counting?) by the Tuna Fishing Industry and still have the 'Dolphin Safe' label on the cans of tuna. Many people really believe the label that reads 'Dolphin Safe' that appears on these cans of Tuna. In addition to that, the U.S. Navy's LFAS - Low Frequency Active Sonar has been linked to many beached whales and dolphins with ruptured ear drums. Their ear drums had exploded, 'coincidentally' while this weaponry was in use. Once again, it is time to have our voices be heard for the well-being of our Cetacean families and all creatures in the oceans, along with preserving yet another 'freedom,' close to being taken away.

For more info. and sample letters you can send, go to SongofHome.com/LAW.htm Thank you!

If we don't do 'anything,' we ARE doing 'something'... giving power away.

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