Deep breaths of the essence you choose to feel...

Dear Family,

What you see in me that you love is love itself
We see that in each other.
We hold the same presence--are held in the same presence...
You are that one.
Let it be what it is, this joining.
Let the longing remain pure current of feeling.
The wounded self in the past,
attempted to minimize an experience of deep union
in fear that it couldn't "possess" that one.
Don't believe another is your source or
even the way to that!
Your breath will take you as deeply Home
as you take "It."
Will you simply allow yourself to feel the immensity
and what is there, all that is there to feel?
Love reminded us of separation from the Beloved.
So, that is one reason so many fear love.
The deepest most precious memories are held by love, as we are.

There is a part of you that was given the
job long ago: to keep you
from feeling.
It will continue to do this
until you give it a new job.
It acts out of love and caring,
out of survival.
Take this little one in your arms.
Hold and love her for all she is.
Ask her what she feels.
Ask her to express her deepest heart.
Thank her for all she gives and let her know
you are choosing to embrace life--
choosing to feel and be aware of how you are embraced by life.
Let her know you were lied to long ago
about feelings and emotions.
Remind her that it is part of life to feel...deeply.
She already knows this.
It is our feeling nature which keeps us connected.
Give her a new job, such as letting you know
if you resist feeling or
create in your mind a separation as an attempted protection.
Let her know you are choosing to feel...connected
to feel whole, to simply feel.
Let her know you are choosing to have her help.
Thank her...thank her
by loving yourself.

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