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Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you for the intensity of longing
that keeps us ever on the lookout for something more,
for that deeper love the soul lives for.
Thank you for dear, beautiful friends
who grace our days, our moments.
Thank you for the Light, the Living Essence of Love
that pulsates through our beings, our bodies,
through every organ, throughout our systems,
renewing, refreshing, enlivening us
to meet each moment with more and more presence,
with more and more ease.
Thank you for the Call in our hearts, for the Call for Love.
The Call of Love in our hearts - like a magnet, drawing to us,
experiences, loving friends, situations that present us
with the opportunities for greater clarity and empowerment,
bringing forth the vision and manifestation
of our most joyful dreams.

Matisha ~ May, 2001
2001 Matisha

This prayer is for everyone who chooses to use it.
Share it as you feel.
Thank you for keeping the credits intact and posting website address.

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