We all feel...

Let your breathing this moment lead you to a deeper listening and feeling -- to your own inspiration by a simple thankfulness...
This page is like a human being, many faceted. There are many angles of perception expressed and plenty of reminders to enjoy...hope you do.
Remember, you might be a mulit-faceted human beaming.

One way to know we are "on purpose"
with living our part in the Divine Plan
is that we feel joy in living our part.

Doing what brings us joy, brings others joy...

One soul loved - many lives touched...

Kindness rubs off and may wash off without regular upkeep.

If we bought something and it functioned at ten percent of its capacity,
we would not hesitate to return it for something fully functioning.
And yet, many of us have lived for years as a fragment of our full selves.
Are we that patient, have we settled for something a 'part' of us believed
was 'enough' or are we merely asleep, just waking...still waking?

Life is simple.
Most of us have mastered making it very complex.
By avoiding, attempting to control, hide, run from, pretend,
we have made life a series of complex situations.
Is life just that way or has it come to be that way
from the choices and decisions we have made?
Now, simply -- we get to love it all...
...and choose again...

The feeling of closeness to a loved one mirrors the nearness of the Beloved.

Your heart smiles in appreciating the beauty in another.
It smiles too, in recognizing itself.


Find and Feel and Follow

Find and Feel and Follow
the song that leads you
to your own inspiration
through a simple thankfulness...

Easier said than done?   More fun done than said.

It's been a bit scary for parts of me...
with this 'more unknown' than the unknown I have grown to know.   I'm being playful and serious, seriously playful...

How we are with ourselves -- our allowing and genuineness
is a measure of how much and how often we live consciously in love.

Thank you for the intensity of longing that keeps us
ever on the lookout for something more,
for that deeper love the soul lives for.
Thank you for dear, beautiful friends who grace our days, our moments.
Thank you for the Light,
the Living Essence of Love that pulsates through our beings,
our bodies, through every organ, throughout our systems,
renewing, refreshing, enlivening us to meet each moment
with more and more presence, more and more ease.
Thank you for the Call in our hearts, for the Call for Love.
The Call of Love in our hearts - like a magnet,
drawing to us, experiences, loving friends, situations
that present us with the opportunities for greater clarity and empowerment,
bringing forth the vision and manifestation of our most joyful dreams.



Listen inside...
Here, the Gathering we have called.
Hear what is being expressed through every heart.
What do you need in order to respond with your full presence?

Can you feel, will you heal what in you, you have carried in fear?
Humble to truly hear each one echo the call for Love.
What strikes you about these times--what is your heart telling you inside?

Let us join, as the words on so many pages say to do...to be to-gather.
Here we sing with a deeper listening, loving praise
joining hearts, hands, voices we raise
in the Song of One
heard beneath the cries of every child inside.

...And all who have been hiding, feeling alone
have been together in that aloneness.
This life is not about sleeping though, we all have.

Will we awaken to the Call if not already, and stay lucid in this dream?
Oh our little differences--we've taken them so seriously
and based so much of our experience on how another is not like us.
Pray for Vision, that we truly see a deeper unfolding, a deeper call
to which the heart responds and this joining becomes
the significance of this moment and each one to follow...
Let the power of our Gratitude magnetize Love's Vision through us
here in this world!

For many, this day brings about a release of emotion, emotion so ready to move.
Those of us who are at a physical distance "feel" what our human family is feeling.
For some, that emotion has been held in on the pretense of "holding it together."
Notice--when we fall apart, allow ourselves to feel,
how something less than true is released and something greater is born.
We are blessed by extending ourselves in service to each other...

To the desperation in each of us, to the ones in pain, hurting inside,
to the ones who have lashed out at others -- breathe a breath of EASE
for these ones and ourselves to feel, remember and know,
to come Home to the preciousness inside a heart
so long ago misunderstood;
each heart calling for the same thing.
This is NOT about "them," this is about US!

I accept the invitation
to let my little, measuring self fall into the Greater Love.

We are here toGather!

I feel you coming together,
beaming a presence evermore deeply aligned with loving Essence...

I am listening to the many ways our songs meet as One!

Beloved Family, I will see you in prayer...


Something from Rumi:

Do not seek any rules or method of worship.
Say whatever your pained heart chooses.
- Jalaluddin Rumi -


We keep breathing ever-deeper to activate the fullest expression of loving in life...


Big Surrender Message

16 August, Mount Shasta

...so beautiful to surrender...

I went for a walk, several walks on the Mountain last night in the star light, watching the meteor showers, communing with The Presence. In our conversation The One tells me that everything is O.K. That doesn't mean what I thought it meant. It doesn't mean the things that are happening are without problem, void of struggle and pain. It simply means that all that is happening is happening as part of evolution and held totally in the Nurturing Presence of One so Vast in Love. I, in my humanness have had quite a time grasping an acceptance so boundlessly unconditional and all-encompassing. It means every one, every thing, all that is, all thoughts, actions, etc. are within The Presence of Love. It can only be so. No thing can be outside of that. It is the very belief that one "could be" that creates separation and all that comes with that. It can only be so. One who has a feeling of separation and does not journey to the depths, to the very core of whatever is within their feeling experience, and choose surrender, may only have an "idea" about the immensity of love and allowing holding us, all along.

It is too easy (and also not as fun and interesting) to repeat what I’ve heard -- passed down from generation to generation and simply take for granted that "the way it is" is the way I have been told it is. So far, I have found many things are not the way I have been told it is. Many things are the way they are because of mass agreement. When I say "mass agreement" I am not speaking of a "church consensus." (Pun intended...I'm being playful.) A particular reality/experience comes to be when there is "agreement" that it is.

What is the nature of "personal experience?!" Through personal experience I come to "know" directly something that otherwise remains a concept or mystery...the essence of living is discovery... I come to know something through my senses and through the screen of my perception though, is that truly "knowing"? That's another conversation.

And so, in living, being present for and with all I experience, to feel all that I feel, in surrender, without resistance, the very ecstatic nature -- that way of being, sends me deeper, on to the next moment which is this moment, to be...

So, to be in an "Enlightened state may be having as a singular focus, the expression of love and it's radiance, along with all of Love's attributes -- that focus being automatic." Enlightenment then, may be a state free of the habit of making a 'substitute reality' in place of what one is genuinely feeling and what is naturally unfolding. What I mean by 'making a substitute reality' is doing MSU (Making Stuff Up), about the 'way things are,' what another thinks or feels about us, which is what the analytical mind has automatically done so as not to be in the 'unknown.' This gives people an experience of their "beliefs" about another, about life rather than how another truly is or how life actually is. Many of us have been so covered over in "beliefs about" life, relationship, the nature of reality, etc., that what is always available in bountiful portions (in experience) has often eluded us in the past.

Almost impossible to put into words the timeless, vast, presence I/we feel when we open, truly open, all the way and be "out of control," i.e., on the other side of control. We have a responsibility, to call on that One Presence, to feel ourselves into the deepest core of a being, lovingly held. All communication is between that One and us... The "we" I speak of is anyone who resonates with that.

This time tonight was really my time to open and receive from within. This has happened while writing.

On the Homeward Journey, Here...

Matisha ~ SongofHome.com


How Are We with How We Are?
How Are We with Ourselves In the Presence of Others?

In every moment of our lives we are completely held in loving acceptance, all-encompassing loving acceptance. Remembering this brings us to be more loving with ourselves in "how we are with how we are." When we feel emotions and are not comfortable, remember that nothing we did/do, said/say, felt/feel, could ever put us outside of Love's Presence.

How are we, and how do we "be" with ourselves in the presence of others? Do we live as though we are actively being loved/embraced firstly by the Presence and then, ourselves? When we feel embraced with love it is automatic to live with an allowing and be genuine. We are not looking for an illusory approval from others, which is usually merely a cessation of their judgment toward us. Judgment is a mask, a cover, a diversion of attention away from self, with some form of denial. A belief one would almost certainly hold (while holding a judgment) somewhere inside, is that there is something wrong with and unlovable about self.

To the extent we believe another’s response or reaction to us tells us about ourselves, we may feel like someone else’s puppet in our own hell. We know how painful it is to believe and live as though another person’s perceptions and responses are accurate regarding who we are. Most of us, at one time or another, have believed that another person’s perceptions and responses were more important and powerful than any loving thoughts we had about ourselves. By "our" response we see "how" we are, not "who" we are. This is important to recognize. Many have confused how they are with who they are. The way others treat us tells us a great deal about them. How we are treated, gives us an indication of what we believe and accept in our lives. At the very heart of undoing a codependency that has had many not seeing and being their full selves is this:

How we are with ourselves -- our allowing and genuineness is a measure of how much and how often we live consciously in loving acceptance.

Matisha ~ SongofHome.com


What makes you think what you've done in the past
is worth carrying with you like an old burden,
into this perfect moment?


We all have an impact on the people around us, our environment and the world.
What imprints have you made? What imprints do you leave behind?

What do you want for nothing?

Two People - Two Aspects:

One believing themself to be unlovable and the other believing their love won't be received.
These two keep each other in business through their believing. They fulfill the other's belief.
Awareness of the game being played is the opening out, into something more satisfying to the entire self.'

Your seeing is not a result from the apparatus of your eyes.
Your seeing is an expression of where your attention is.'

Being able to stay centered and loving in an abusive situation
is not necessarily the mark of an 'evolved' individual.
Listening to and following the inner urging of our sensitive nature, is.'
Many people have stayed in abusive situations on the premise
that they themselves must not be loving enough.
Having "respect" for ourselves and others is choosing to "look again"
like the word implies: re-spect.


In light you find your Self.
In grace you find your way.
In gratitude you find all is provided
and only in love,
do you find you are Home...

Heavy winds can change one's perspective and "experience."
Heavy change can wind up being rich with blessings...

Be aware of what you say to yourself, every cell is listening...

If the shoe fits...look inside it before you put it on.

You are innocent until proven awesome.

Money doesn't get rid of problems. It helps you afford greater ones.

Are you afraid of your Aliveness? It's not afraid of you.
It's ready to come through
and will in every moment you are loving you.

When a woman wants to clear men out of her space, she can do a "menema."

I knew a woman who was so naive she thought
menopause had something to do with 'men being hesitant around her.'
Before that, she thought it was when men were all hands, i.e., men o'-paws.

Waiting is one of those things we've done that can be a trap.
There is always something to do while we supposedly "wait" for someone or something to begin...if only to breathe deeply and stretch our bodies or a part of our bodies to bring a greater feeling of ease and well-being... Next time you find yourself waiting, you may find the "weighting" part disappears with the choice to do something that feels good and enhances your moments.

"LaughTear" is what I call it when we laugh so hard, we cry.


After her Labotomy and taking dance and Yoga classes from Frankenstein,
Cabrita became a good skater and showed quite an impressive agility...next to a recycling bin.

Hi, My name is AlieNate

Someone wants to meET you...

Eyed Like to meet you, sometime. Let's agreen to meet soon.
Eye send you love!
Take Air...

- AlieNate


In the midst of challenging or uncomfortable situations and relationships,
it is helpful to remember that we are always being shown something about "ourselves." Many of us have mastered focussing on others and letting them know what "they" can/should do. That attentive focus directed toward ourselves brings so much clarity and opens us to grow, which is one purpose relationship and being alive serves... Remember, don't "should" on yourself and others.

If you've experienced unpleasant, recurring patterns in life, give thanks for the awareness and 'breathe new life' into the parts of you that have been calling for attention through these dynamics.

Have you lived in a way that might have kept you
in the illusory comfort-zone of "the known?"

Q: What do you call a "fairly peaceful" room with family members in it?
A: "Relatively Quiet."

Q: What do you say to a very short individual who you will be seeing soon?
A: "I look floorward to seeing you."

Q: What do you say to a very, very, very tall man?
A: "Who is this guy?"

       (say it a couple times out loud and 'listen.' It's subtle.
       What does it SOUND like?)

Q: What do you take if you're in the presence of mean guy?
A: An anti-he's-too-mean

Notice the word "Believing" - have the "liev" leave and all that remains is "Being"

"Be loved" is "Beloved" with space in it.

Satisfaction is gauranteed!
If you're not completely satisfied, we'll return you to The Creator for a full replacement.

If you ever feel a simple hello
or anything simple is not enough, remember:

...with Love,

A glance is a gift
A smile is sensational
A touch is a treat
A hug is heart-warming
A true friend is fantastic
"Hello" is the beginning
of many wonderful things...

With love,
everything is enough...

Pass it on...




When I Write A Song...

Experiences I have, people I meet, a glance,
the quality of light and shadow in an eye or a moment,
a phrase spoken by someone, a movie, a book,
the emotion, the love I feel...all of this and more
are all inspirations for song.

Years ago, when I heard devotional songs for my first time
I asked The Presence
to sing through me, prayers of Essence
each, a song of Home--
and through the singing,
my heart lives for bringing
an answered Call within,
gifting and lifting the receiver and giver again,
to their own inspiration and creativity.

I made an agreement years ago
to write songs which are inspiring, uplifting for me--
and it is my prayer that it be the same for those listening,
at least that the songs bring hope to others.
As the songs come, I am enraptured by the presence I feel
and imagine others singing them.
Many of the songs I write and sing are purely devotional.
They express a depth of feeling union, a peacefulness,
joy, the beauty of seeing through eyes given to blessing,
passionately alive, feeling loved and being that love.
They express my full Self, the one I aspire to be.
They come from direct experience--and carry with them
a resonance of what I call Home.

Sometimes a song will come
as a feeling tone of rich, nurturing presence,
sometimes as a light, a feeling of clarity or a joyous expectancy.
When I feel powerful emotions such as sadness, anger, longing, joy, etc.,
I use the intensity in those moments of deep feeling to open and receive
what my deeper self and sensitivity is communicating.
Instead of writing a song which might be an expression of pain,
a perceived loss or something
which hasn't been brought into a full embrace of loving,
I give myself space to feel the emotions
all the way down to the core level
where I find what it is this part of me is calling for.
A great deal is revealed and it is always love for which I call.
Beneath the emotions, thoughts and judgments,
it is always love I find,
at my deepest



...I saw you had been touched deeper
than any of your previous experiences held.
You shined and beamed brightly in that presence...
I saw you then, misunderstand, as if looking at life
through a lense fashioned long ago.
No seeing allowed through that lense;
it served only then and even then, what did it serve?
I encouraged strength and "presence" in the face of all you would meet.
I saw you begin to question if your beautiful feelings
were only a dream...repeatedly you asked...
Then, you closed down because you made up things in your mind
that kept you from living with the truth you can STILL find.

I didn't question what to do
I am still here loving, loving you...

You are so deeply loved...



One of the greatest travesties to the heart is to feel love and NOT express it.

Are you holding back with the ones you know or holding love?


The Ego & Its Place

I feel the ego has an appropriate place in Divine Design.
Its job is that of reporting what is happening
in the world around me.
That is it.
My ego was never meant to be a critic,
judge, policeman, protector/controller, head of the
planning committee, rescue-worker, healer,
understanding provider of love, sensitive listener,
philosopher, or anything other than "reporter."
When any of us close down a part of ourselves,
another part comes in to take over (do the other part's job).
That is just what has happened with many people.
For example, if I resist feeling emotions,
my mind may, in accordance with whatever
"wounded part" is holding fear,
make up for a lack of feeling by
coming up with concepts which support
my avoidance, invent reasons and eventually
blame others and situations for my experiences.
In this is born the "pseudo-protected,
fearfully disconnected, know-it-all,
everything-compartmentalized, false self."
This separated self too has a function.
It serves as a reminder of what
we have to look forward to
if we don’t choose love, truth, connectedness, and freedom.

God Bless my ego,
keep it out of the driver’s seat,
and let it be an impeccable reporter
of events around me.


What Products Do You Deserve?

If people buy a product, that product keeps coming "by" the stores and the stores keep it in stock. When people no longer support a product and cease "purchasing" it, that product ceases to exist, at least in its previous form. It has been easy to believe that we don't make a difference. Very few people have taken the time to make a phone call or write a letter to a company/manufacturer of a product to let them know their product/s are NOT of a "quality" worth purchasing. When people do this, most companies will listen, as they know it is the consumers who "buy" their products, which keeps them in business.

What kind of products do you buy? Are they manufactured by companies that are conscious of "true" quality ingredients and "use" those ingredients in their products? Or are the products you buy made by companies who "use words" like "quality," "natural," "healthy," "fresh," "nutrtitional" etc. as a sales marketing technique that has worked on the ignorant, unsuspecting public, a public that either didn't care or was too "busy" to take the time to be educated about what it is they put in their bodies? In other words, do you check into things to see if they are backed by the "essence" that the particular "form" implies is present? Is your health and true livelihood important enough to you to take care in seeing that the highest quality ingredients are in these products or are the things you buy like most things on the shelves of regular supermarkets, processed, sprayed with poisons, adulterated, devitalized and dead?

I have observed people taking far greater care in what they put in their automobiles than the care they give to what they put in their own body temples. It is the life force in foods that gives people life. Cooked food "sustains" life, while fresh, raw food "builds new life"...


If you take yourself too seriously, others may not.

Judgment is an attempt to avoid having attention placed on oneself.

"Wisdom" is an interesting word...without the first syllable, the second syllable seems far removed from the whole word. (If you don't get it, say the second syllable.)

Perception serves us our experience...
Asking the question: 'How?' is part of the answer for 'How to...'
What is the truth? I don't mean yours
or my particular "version" of something
we've fashioned and "called" truth.
By truth, I mean "what is so."

Remember, it's all in the music and you are a magnificent masterpiece in the symphony of life...also remember, life is still and always composing...

Who are we to think we know what is going to happen.
It has seemed in certain moments we've hardly known what IS happening.
The future started long ago.

Interpretation & Its Creation

Much of what we "think" we are experiencing isn't really happening to us. Many of our experiences have been brought on purely by our "interpretation." From our "interpretation" of what is happening, our beliefs about what others are thinking or doing, we have made substitute lives (experiences we have called "reality") with events in it that would otherwise not be unfolding. It's effective to be aware of how we are looking and if we are truly "seeing" in this moment... In the superficial domain of existing, people have been aware of how they look instead of how they look/see. See?

For this artwork see Leiendecker.com by Hans Georg Leiendecker - Austria

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